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Savera Nadeem is a television drama actress, producer, director, host (presenter), writer & research consultant from Pakistan. Born in Lahore and brought-up in London, Karachi & Lahore. Did her O levels from Karachi, Masters in English Literature from Kinnaird College Lahore, and higher studies in Dramatics from London.
She started her acting career at a young age of fifteen from theater. Her first drama was Kiran which was telecast in 1994-95 on Pakistan Television. She is notable for playing the lead role in Pakistan Television drama serial Inkaar, meant to increase social awareness against narcotics. She achieved ‘Pakistan Television Award for Best Drama Actress’ for her performance in this serial. In the past, this award had been associated with big names like Khalida Riyasat, Uzma Gillani and Roohi Bano.
Farah Hussain is a super top host and tv actress of pakistan showbiz industry. Farah Hussain’s birthday or date of birth is on November 8, 1974 and her age is now 35 years. Farah is an Islamabad based actress whose career started as a side role in a blockbuster hit drama serial, Bandhan. Farah played a minimal role but had a very strong character which left her in the hearts of millions of her fans. The character was named “Dil Baji” and for a long time people would call her that.
In recent years Farah has been a Host/Compare of a morning show “A morning with Farah” with a private channel ATV. The show is a mix of things, basically inviting a guest for a light interview. It has become the most interesting live morning show in Pakistan. Each segment has a live telephone call in and features prominent personalities, fitness, self grooming and fashion tips, jewelry designs, delicious recipes and more.
Farah Hussain is married to TV actor Iqbal Hussain. Before marriage, they have worked together in the drama serial Bandhan. This lovely couple enjoying now their 11th wedding anniversary. They have two cute kids Abdullah and Abdul Rahman.
Juggan Kazim  (born Jan 07, 1981) Real name Mehr Bano also known as Jay Kazim, is a Canadian and Pakistani actress, model and a television host. She has worked in numerous Pakistani telefilms and is making a mark on the Canadian film scene. She is recognized for her performance in various drama serials, lively anchoring and being featured in music videos. She was nominated for MTV Model of the Year in 2008.
She grew up in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan with an elder sister and a younger brother. She went to Lahore Grammar School, and then to Kinnaird College to do her FA. After completing that, she briefly attended the Kings College, an affiliate of University of Western Ontario in Canada where she claims to have pursued Bachelor of Arts in Media. Kazim moved to Lahore, Pakistan.
Kazim has been involved in media work, since she was four years old. In 1985-86 she did advertisements with Samsonite and other products. Kazim’s first commercial play was when she was fourteen years old, which was directed by Mashal Peerzada. However, she started her professional acting and modeling career under the name ‘Jay Kazim’ in Toronto, Canada. She was approached by Sutherland Models in Canada to work as a petite and commercial model. She did two music videos with them and then was approached by Canadian Agents, The Newton Landry Management. She did a Diet Coke Ad which ran for two seasons. She also then did a few more commercials and theater work.
Upon returning to Pakistan, she started her career again with hosting and modeling. In a television show, she announced that she has signed a contract with Shaan to act in three feature films. She says that her passion is acting and she does not want to be recognized as a model.(Wikipedia)
Zeba Bakhtiar, who is the daughter of the former attorney general of Pakistan, Yahya Bakhtiar, hails from Baluchistan , Pakistan. Her mother is of foreign descent. Like Zeba Bakhtiar, her brother also associated himself with Pakistani television.
Equipped with higher educational grades, distinct family background and human values, Zeba Bakhtiar was attracted to show business as a teenager. The tremendous talent of Zeba Bakhtiar was there, just waiting to be used.
Zeba Bakhtiar debuted from the Karachi television’s play ‘Anarkali’, opposite Mehmood Akhtar. In it, she played the title role of ‘Anarkali’. The drama stirs the heart with its story of a girl in a man’s world. Those were moments for wistful looks and glistening eyes.
Back in the late 1980s, Zeba Bakhtiar was a young Pakistani actress of glistening freshness and uncanny intuition. Any one, whose heart does not embrace this gorgeous, gracious, glamorous girl of the yester year, probably does not have one.
Moreover, she often found, of all things, innovation and honor in the television programs. Soon she became the perennial favorite of Pakistani youth. Zeba Bakhtiar’s debut film ‘Hina’ was made and produced by R.K. films in India. She played the lead opposite Rishi Kapoor. Director, Randhir Kapoor, writer, Haseena Moin.
The moral authority she brought to the role in ‘Hina’, without sacrificing a youthful spontaneity, was astounding. Its characters make surprising connections when it comes to team- work.
Zeba Bakhtiar’s first marriage, which took place before the movie shoot of ‘Hina’ ended in divorce.
She often finds, among other things, prestige and challenge in the movie business. During those days, there were rumors circulating in the press of Zeba Bakhtiar’s marriage to Indian actor, Javed Jafri. However, Zeba Bakhtiar vehemently denied those allegations as a conspiracy against her.
In her movies and television plays, Zeba Bakhtiar displayed one of the defining sensibilities of the 1990s and beyond. She has captured the imagination of admiring fans since she was a girl.
The rosy radiance that follows a pleasant encounter with Zeba Bakhtiar is laudable. She reached the pinnacle of a remarkable career by following her own instincts.
In times due course, Zeba Bakhtiar moved to Pakistan and married actor- singer- composer, Adnan Sami, son of Aijaz Sami. Ah, the web of love. How these forces feed the flame of life. She had a son, Azan, from Adnan Sami.
Those were great moments at work, when Zeba Bakhtiar played the lead opposite Adnan Sami in her first Pakistani film ‘Sargam’. Theatrical release was on September 1, 1995. Director, Syed Noor, producer- composer, Adnan Sami.
Additionally, Zeba Bakhtiar’s caricature of lead actress in ‘Sargam’ has won the Nigar Award in her debut Pakistani movie. She seems destined to add more laurels to her celluloid persona. Indeed, she gives a brilliantly restrained performance in ‘Sargam’.
Zeba Bakhtiar’s marriage to Adnan Sami could not stood the test of time, and it resulted in their separation. That occurred after the theatrical release of ‘Sargam’, and Adnan Sami went abroad with his son, Azan.
After a long child custody battle, Zeba Bakhtiar succeeded in getting her son back. Those days Zeba Bakhtiar fielded inquiries about her relationship with Adnan and Azan, and in doing so proved that her heart was loyal.
Zeba Bakhtiar’s greatness shines through in director Sangeeta’s successful film ‘Qaid’ in which she played the lead lady opposite actor Saud. Alternating between television and films, she frequently was cast in major television roles.
She was most memorably cast in writer Rauf Khalid’s drama serial ‘Laag’, which was telecast from Pakistani television. An artist of unusual prowess and grace, Zeba Bakhtiar turned in one of her best performances as leader of Kashmiri independence movement, ‘Dukhtaran-e-Kashmir’ in ‘Laag.’
The drama serial ‘Laag’ made the public realize the deep resonance of her work. A part of her charm derives from the apparent fact that she is working and having fun at the same time.
Zeba Bakhtiar is, indeed, a loveable woman whose hatred of hypocrisy is legendary. She worked in the heartfelt and handsomely made movie, ‘Chief Sahib’ in 1996. In dramatic roles, the movie cast moves effortlessly from one scene to another. Producer- director, Javed Sheikh, stars included Zeba Bakhtiar, Javed Sheikh and Neeli.
Zeba Bakhtiar shone in her directional debut movie ‘Babu’ in 2001. Its story revolves around love, lust, and the well- known adage ‘give respect get respect’ starring Zeba Bakhtiar, dubbed as ‘Ghazal’, Saud Amin, Lehri, Peer Moazzam.
She brings a new level of intensity to her acting in the Pakistan television drama serial ‘Pehli see mohabbat’. Writer, Rafaqat Hayat, director, Najam-Uz- Zaman, executive producer, Ghazanfar Ali. ‘Pehli see mohabbat’ is the Urdu version of the English novel ‘Beware of pity.’ Cast included Zeba Bakhtiar, dubbed as ‘Sofia’ Shahood Alvi, and Shakeel. It is a story of a pretty handicapped girl.
Zeba Bakhtiar’s keenly articulate movie grammar and a tender grasp of human nature have maintained uniformity all through these times. Further, her artistry is worth applauding in television drama ‘Sangam’ Cast includes Zeba Bakhtiar as ‘Farah’, Talat Husain, Qazi Wajid. Written by Zahida Hina, director, Nasir Danawala.
Best known for her splendid direction capability, Zeba Bakhtiar attained major celebrity as an artist also in drama ‘Kundi’. Cast included Zeba Bakhtiar, Firdous Jamal.
She is the source of quite a few exemplary television plays. That said Zeba Bakhtiar’s resplendent career moved on fulfilling her initial promise of consistent hard work.
A quick example is the television drama ‘Kisay apna kahoon’ cast included Zeba Bakhtiar, Noman Aijaz and Talat Husain. Additionally, she emerged as a convincing artist in the television drama ‘Gunah gaar’. Cast included Zeba Bakhtiar, Izhar Qazi and Tahira Wasti.
Overwhelmed by her artistic prowess, the audience always gives her an enthusiastic response, which Zeba Bakhtiar well deserves. In spite of her enormous talents as director, Zeba Bakhtiar still possesses a face made for acting.
Rahat Kazmi was born on June 30, 1946, in Simla, India. Rahat’s father was a lawyer by profession, and he wanted his son to follow his footsteps. Rahat completed his high school education in Rawalpindi.He successfully completed and received his law degree in Lahore. Additionally, Rahat received his master’s degree in political science from Government college and a master’s degree in English literature from Punjab university.Rahat started his working life as an information officer in 1968 in the Pakistani civil services. 
After serving for eight years, Rahat resigned from the civil services in 1976.Rahat’s profound love of acting took him irresistibly to the forefront of Pakistani entertainment. Rahat’s first stab at acting came when he was studying for his Bachelors in Government college, Lahore. Likewise, Rahat’s first Lahore television appearance was in 1965 when he participated in a university program.In 1967, Rahat took part in a Rawalpindi television quiz show known as ‘Mayaar.’ 
Further, Rahat lent a well-balanced and modulated performance in the 1967 Rawalpindi television play ‘Goonge.’Rahat Kazmi is a famous Pakistani television actor, talk-show anchor, a professional speaker and an academician. He is married to renowned Pakistani actress, producer and director Saira Kazmi whom he fell in love when he started his acting career. He has two children from Saira, Ali Kazmi and Nida Kazmi. Both of the children are associated with the show business industry of Pakistan.
Dr. Huma Mir (DHM): I was born in Karachi on November 11th. Did my early schooling from Habib Public School and Matriculation from National High School. I did my Intermediate Science, Pre-Medical from P.E.C.H.S Girls College and finally M.B.B.S from Sindh Medical College Karachi. I did my house job at JPMC Karachi and was later appointed as a woman medical officer at a basic health unit. Thereafter, I did Advanced Diploma in Communication Studies from Cam Foundation UK. My modules included Marketing, Advertising, Research & Consumer Behavior, Media, Public Relations, Direct Marketing & Sales Promotion. The Pakistan Advertising Association has awarded me the first ever Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor Memorial Gold Medal. Nowadays I am the Director of Pakistan Advertising Institute and I am running an Advertising Agency, Tulips Communications [Pvt.] Ltd. I have also done a Certificate Course in Documentary and Drama Production, conducted by Roy Thompson.
My real name is Muhammad Hadees Chaudhry. I was born in 1952. I belong to a rural family and still most of our family members live in the village and are associated with the profession of farming. We migrated from East Punjab, district Hushyar Pur, India to Pakistan in 1947. We had a big piece of land which was very productive but when we came to Lahore, we were given almost the same size of the land about 36 kilometers away from Lahore (Union Council Sultankay), but it was not equally productive. As, our family needed some other sources of income, my father decided to move to city.
My father first started carrying horse-cart. He used to earn ’25 cents‘ daily. He had a sister and an elder brother and he was not married. From the beginning of his earning life, he was very cautious. He used to spend only one part of his earning daily to meet his personal needs and keep the remaining 3 parts saved. At the end of each month, he used to visit his brothers and sisters and hand over the savings to them.
Afterwards, he got married and I was born but since my father had a different vision and he wanted to live in a city so he decided to move to Karachi. I must share this; in those times he needed 3 Rupees to bear the shifting expenses. After 3 months, a gentleman gave my father Rs. 3 and we finally moved here.
My father used to remember the gentleman in very good words always. When moved to Karachi, he started selling bakery items like biscuits, cakes etc., on his cycle. Although, my father was an illiterate person but he made us get education from an English medium school. He always traveled on cycle but he provided us with car. He would even go to attend weddings on his cycle. He was a straightforward man.
During the times of Ayub Khan, Pakistan was facing severe sugar crises. At that time, my father was the President to Karachi Bakers Association. Once, he was called by the President for meeting regarding the issue and he went to meet president on his cycle.
During my college days, I started playing cricket. I played first class cricket for Karachi Whites.
Coming into acting was by chance not by choice. I used to study in City College where Fareed Khan, Shehzad Raza, Ghulam Mohiuddin etc. were my fellows and close friends too. Their companionship developed my association with radio, TV producers, directors etc. Somehow, I started taking interest in acting and for this the greatest source of inspiration was the legendary actor Mr. Muhammad Ali.
As regards my family, I have 3 children; 2 sons and a daughter. My sister also lives with me and has a son. Also, my younger brother is living with me. My younger son, Art-taghral Chauhadry is playing cricket and knocking the door of first class cricket. However, none of my children is interested in acting or showbiz but I never force them for anything. They can choose any field of their interest, while the elder one Az-zaghal Chauhadry is currently working for a private organization TCS and my daughter, Wijdan Chauhadry is engaged in social services and activities through different projects and ideas.(Kalpoint)
Aijazz ventured out into his media career as a model with his first assignment being a photo shoot for Men’s Club Magazine. A man who is as multifaceted as his looks, he went on to shoot the Gillette commercial. This highly appreciated commercial directed him to landing the lead role in Kashkol; the 1990’s hit television drama series. This was the beginning of a fruitful, versatile and still evolving career. Aijazz went on to become the sweetheart of the television and billboard surfaces. With 40 plus serials, 50 plus telefilms, various soaps, a few movies, many commercials and much, much more under his belt, his portfolio is exceptional and unmatched.
Unlike most performers the one thing that he has always maintained is complete and total professionalism and hard work. With a huge fan following and everyone looking to replicate his sense of style, Aijazz realized that beyond being an actor and model he has the potential to plug into the designer realm of business. Today Aijazz is truly a force to be reckoned with where he is an Actor, Commercial Model, Producer and Designer.
Currently he is the brand ambassador for Standard Chartered Bank and in the middle of various television and silver screen projects. They don’t come better-rounded than Mr.Aslam!
Ayesha Sana is one of the most beautiful,hot and bold compeer,model and TV actress in Pakistan showbiz industry.Ayesha Sana was born in 1972 in Lahore.She graduated from convent of Jesus and Mary in Dehli,India and attended Kinnaird College in Lahore, where she studied law and went on to get an external law degree at the university of London.
“There was a time when I could never take second place to anyone or anything. But now the magic of this person makes me able to just love him from a distance and not even have him reciprocate. It’s like an enchanted spell. I have always believed that what needs to happen happens for the best, so I can only hope”, says Ayesha Sana.
Her first play was a PTV serial based on the story of terrorism, produced by Qaisar Ali Shah which has disputed and never televised. Ayesha never considered acting for television plays as her forte. It was modeling and compering that has caught her imagination. After doing lots of TV commercials it was Hit Sangeet which brought her in the limelight and she was offered lead roles in dramas .So this girl from the mod squad made her first move in show biz .She is one of the rare girls who came from educated families in showbiz world.
Ayesha Sana had participated in different dramas and stage shows in Dubai and European countries. She had preformed in a drama serial ‘Pehli barish’ which has been produced in Germany.It was written by Asghar Nadeem Syed and produced by Zahid Mian and directed by Saleem Tahir .
Her play Aaan was also appreciated which was produced in Dubai directed and produced by Fahim barni in Dubai. My experience as an actress is very nice in abroad. People gave us great honour there we feel happy to see the Pakistani community there. Ayesha’s serial Kanch ke par was a successful one, which had been liked abroad.
She once hosted a television show called Lines of Style. In 2006, she became the host, and member of the board of executives, for PTV’s Morning Show Meena Bazar.Now she has became a popular Icon of show Meena Bazar.
Maya Khan is one of the famous anchor of Pakistan TV channels. She is popular among her viewers for her beautiful looks and her delight way of performance in a live show. Maya Khan is doing a morning show SUBHA SAVEREY MAYA KAY SATH  on SAMAA Tv. The show is educational and acquaint, by which people get information in a lighter way. Maya Khan successfully made the show both entertaining and informative. She discuss political, social, and other issues of the country and also invite celebrities to her program.